Traditional women’s jewellery

Visitors to the Maldives commented on the exquisite jewellery worn by the elite as early as 400 years ago, demonstrating that fine jewellery has been a part of Maldivian women’s attire for centuries.

Traditional Maldivian women’s jewelry consists of a fattaru, a silver girdle worn around the hip, often made of silver, a fattaru bai, a sophisticated ensemble of gold or silver chains and gold coins worn around the neck, and ulha, bracelets worn on the wrist, thakaholhi worn on the ankles and mudhi or earrings along with rings on the fingers.

Even today traditional jewellery especially the fattaru bai is worn by women on special occasions along with Dhivehi libaas, the traditional Maldivian dress.

The jewellery worn by Maldivian women were mostly made locally by local goldsmiths. Rinbudhoo and Hulhudheli in Dhaalu Atoll were famous for their goldsmiths and even today many skilled goldsmiths practice the craft in the island of Rinbudhoo.