Maldives at Expo2020

Maldives: Sustainable practices for the future of Island Nations

The Maldives is participating in the Expo 2020 with a single objective to showcase our unique natural environment and share our development story with the world. Maldives is a  uniquely fragile country with an unmatched natural beauty that is enjoyed by both locals  and visitors. This makes the country one of the most sought-after luxury tourist destinations in the world. Our natural setting coupled with our development philosophy is  the foundation of our success in the hospitality industry.

The development story of  Maldives, always with an ‘environment first’ philosophy, has many lessons for sustainable development of other small island nations. Our sub-theme, sustainability, will run across the design and presentation of the entire  range of our exhibition content. The Maldives’ historical and ongoing initiatives to achieve a sustainable future by championing climate change and promoting sustainable practices,  will be visibly displayed across the entire Pavilion. These practices not only offer a means of co-existing with our natural environment, but has helped provide sustainable, livable island communities. As such, exhibition contents will highlight our culture and history, and  our pursuit to co-exist at all levels with the natural environment. 

The Maldives Pavilion aims to present our visitors with a visual journey through Maldivian history, culture, ecology, cuisine and arts, which will be displayed as the visitor walks through the Pavilion.