World Majlis

Inspired by the ethos of World Expos, the World Majlis aims to start a global conversation on topics of great significance for our times and our society. The World Majlis is a space for respectful yet inclusive dialogues. as a source of diverse, high quality, accessible and thought provoking opinion, it addresses the major concerns of our global society.

The goal of these conversations is to generate new perspectives and incubate meaningful connections between people and new ideas. It is designed to inspire a positive outlook on the future.

Since the first Great Exhibition held in London in 1851, World Expos have connected people and provided special venues to spark dialogue among those who are curious about the future. With its mix of art and science, imagination and analysis, machines and ideas, nations and people, the Expo is a special place for convening inquisitive minds interested in questions about the future and, in so doing, learn more about each other.